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The State of Minnesota is an endlessly interesting one, marked by a number of paradoxes or conundrums. For instance, it’s an extremely large state—the 12th largest in the nation, for instance, which is certainly nothing to sneeze in—and yet many of its regions are sparsely populated; indeed, some 60% of its residents are concentrated in the populous Minneapolis/St. Paul metropolitan area! Yet for its sparse population, it has an astonishingly high level of civic involvement, with one of the nation’s highest voter turnout rates and a reputation for activism and civic participation.

Minnesota Accounting Schools:

  • Campus | Mason City
    Degrees | Accounting, AAS | Accounting, BS | Accounting, BS Advanced Start
  • Campus | Everest University Online
    Degrees | Accounting | Accounting | Master of Business Administration - Accounting
  • Campus | Brooklyn Center | Roseville | Minnetonka | Bloomington | Sioux Falls | Watertown
    Degrees | Accounting A.A.S. | Business Administration/Financial Management B.S. | Accounting B.S. | Business Administration/Accounting B.S.
  • Campus | Richfield | Elk River | Lakeville | Plymouth | St. Cloud | Brooklyn Center | Blaine | Shakopee | Rochester | Moorhead
    Degrees | AAS-Management Accounting | AAS-Accounting & Tax Specialist | Diploma-Accounting | BS-Accounting | BS-Business Management: Finance emphasis
  • Campus | Minneapolis | Eau Claire | La Crosse | Sioux Falls
    Degrees | AAS-Accounting & Tax Specialist | AAS-Management Accounting | Diploma-Accounting | BS-Accounting | BS-Business Management: Finance emphasis

All these facts and figures go to illustrate, quite simply, that Minnesota is a varied and multi-faceted region—and what that ultimately means, more than anything else, is that it’s impossible to pin the place down or reduce it to an easy stereotype. For instance, here’s something you probably don’t know about Minnesota, something the above figures couldn’t prepare you for: Believe it or not Minnesota is well known for its many fine accounting schools. Yes, really; if you have any interest at all in studying the field of accounting, there are a number of Minnesota accounting schools that can provide you with just the training you need!

And indeed, you will need training to secure work as an accountant. But that’s hardly a steep price to pay; actually, accounting is a promising field with many career prospects, and many accountants find the work to be enjoyably challenging and mentally stimulating. For more information, reach out to one of the fine accounting schools near you!




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