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They call it the Hoosier State. In population it is the 15th largest state in the country, despite ranking only 38th in land area. It is truly heaven for athletic fans, housing not just professional basketball and football teams but also a thriving racing community, and it is also an educational capitol, home to Butler, Notre Dame, and Purdue. It is, in short, the great State of Indiana.

Indiana Accounting Schools:

  • Campus | UOP
    Degrees | AA/Accounting | BS in Accounting | Graduate Accounting Cert. (Bachelor's degree Req.) | MBA/Accounting | Master of Science in Accountancy
  • Campus | Post University
    Degrees | A.S. in Accounting | B.S. in Accounting | B.S. in Finance | B.S. in Business Administration / Finance | Certificate: Forensic Accounting | Certificate: Finance | Certificate: CPA Examination Prep. Accounting Cert. | Master of Business Administration: Finance
  • Campus | Florida Tech University Online
    Degrees | Associate of Arts in Accounting | Bachelor of Arts in Accounting | Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration/Accounting
  • Campus | Indianapolis Learning Center
    Degrees | Accounting, AAS | Accounting, BS | Accounting, BS Advanced Start | Accounting, MS
  • Campus | Fort Wayne | Louisville | Northern Kentucky | Cincinnati | South Bend | Michigan City | Merrillville
    Degrees | Accounting Technology | Accounting | Accounting Technology | Accounting
  • Campus | Chicago River Oaks
    Degrees | Bachelor Degree - Business Administration: Major in Accounting and Financial Management
  • Campus | Ashford University Online - Bachelor's
    Degrees | BA/Accounting | BA/Organizational Mgmt. - Accounting | BA/Business Admin. - Accounting | BA/Consumer and Family Financial Services | BA/Finance
  • Campus | Indianapolis - Downtown | Terre Haute | Lafayette | Columbus - IN | Muncie | Elkhart | Anderson | Evansville | Fort Wayne
    Degrees | Business Finance | Accounting | Accounting Assistant | Accounting
  • Campus | Owensboro | Louisville Westport
    Degrees | Accounting | Accounting
  • Campus | Indianapolis | Fort Wayne | South Bend
    Degrees | Accounting | Business Administration Accounting | Accounting Office Assistant

And there is a side of it you may know less about. It is related to the last point, actually, the point about it being an educational center. In addition to the fine universities listed above, you see, Indiana is also home to many leading accounting schools. Indeed, education geared specifically toward the accounting profession is big in the State of Indiana, as the multiple Indiana accounting schools will attest.

And that’s good news for anyone seeking gainful employment. Accounting, of course, is a fairly prominent career in our culture, at least in terms of there being a lot of postings for accounting professionals. Every company or corporation is going to have an accountant or two on staff—and in some cases, an entire team of them. And then there are the accountants who help individuals with their tax returns—an entirely different realm of this versatile field!

So it’s a promising field for job hunters, but it needs to be said that not just anyone can become an accountant—at least, not without some formal training first. Learn more about the Indiana accounting schools nearest you today!




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