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Have you ever had your tax returns prepared by a professional accountant? If so then you have some understanding of just what a rigorous field it is. Preparing a tax return is relatively simple for some, wildly complex for others—it all just depends on your investments, your deductions, and so forth. People’s financial situations are all unique, so of course an accountant must be prepared to deal with a wide variety of issues as they arise. There’s no formula for success as an accountant; it’s a matter of being flexible, attentive to detail, and willing to work hard in a variety of contexts.

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So needless to say, being an accountant is not something that comes “naturally”—which is not to say that some people might or might not have a inborn inclination toward it, simply that you can’t become a great accountant without first receiving some formal training. You need to learn about the different laws that apply to investments, the different forms used for taxation, even the different kinds of software used in the accounting profession.

And that’s why there are accounting schools in existence throughout the country. You’ll find accounting schools all over the place, precisely because accounting is such an important profession, and because it requires such rigorous knowledge in order to succeed in it. That said, accounting is also a very rewarding profession—one that is mentally enriching and intellectually stimulating—and because it is so important, there is generally plenty of work to be found in the field.




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The average salary for accountants is about $54,000. Learn more about the salary of an accountant.

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