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Accountant Salaries for States with the Highest Employment Levels

The accounting profession is a popular choice for career men and women because it is lucrative as well as flexible. Accountants have the ability to earn a significant income without being tied to a specific geographic area. They can work in almost any state in the country because all businesses, regardless of industry, need someone to help them keep track of their dollars and cents. However, accountants want job security as much as the next person and in order to have that, they want to live in states where their work is in demand.

The District of Columbia is just one of those states. It has one of the highest employment levels for accountants of any state in the country. It also has a significant average income for those in the field, with accountants earning $75,780 on average. The state of Colorado also has very high employment levels for accountants. Accountants in Colorado earn an average annual income of $67,160.

This chart displays annual mean salaries for Accountants in the U.S. The data was collected
by the Bureau of Labor Statistics OES - May 2008.


New York State has one of the highest employment levels for accountants as well as the highest salary of any other state in the country. Accountants in New York earn an average annual income of $80,420. Delaware continues the trend in the northeast with high employment levels and an average salary of $67,280. And in Connecticut, accountants enjoy high employment levels and average salaries around $72,950.

For long-term career success, high employment levels are as important as high salaries. Accountants have both.

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The bar graph above shows the average accounting salary in states with the highest employment levels. The data is displayed below in table format:

State Annual Mean Wage
District of Columbia 75780
Colorado 67160
New York 80420
Delaware 67280
Connecticut 72950





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