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High employment levels are a very important factor in a downed job market. All professionals, no matter which field they are in, are looking for cities with high employment levels for their field. Accountants are lucky to have job possibilities all over the country. But certain cities still have higher employment levels for accountants than others. And while high employment levels might bring job security, flexibility, and opportunity, they do not always guarantee the highest salaries in the business.

For example, Tallahassee, Florida has the highest employment level for accounting professionals of any city in the United States. But it has a lower average salary on the broad spectrum of earning potential for accountants. In this metropolitan area, accountants earn an average annual income of $51,290. In the Bridgeport area of Connecticut, the area with the second highest employment level for accountants, the average salary for the field is $81,580. Almost $30,000 annually is a significant difference and one to consider.

This chart displays annual mean salaries for Accountants in the U.S. The data was collected
by the Bureau of Labor Statistics OES - May 2008.

Santa Fe, New Mexico has high employment levels for accountants and an average salary of $55,500. A few hundred miles in Denver, Colorado, accountants enjoy high employment levels and an average annual salary of $68, 290. San Francisco, California promises high employment levels as well as a high salary, with average incomes around $78,380. However, you must also consider the high cost of living.

Different cities bring varying opportunities for accounting professionals. As an accountant, you must consider which metropolitan area works best for you.

The bar graph above shows the average accounting salary in cities with the highest employment levels. The data is displayed below in table format:

City Annual Mean Wage
Tallahassee, FL 51290
Bridgeport Area, CT 81580
Santa Fe, NM 55500
Denver Area, CO 68290
San Francisco Area, CA 78380




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