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Not everyone is clear on the difference between accounting and finance due to the great similarities between the two. After all, the two work hand in hand within many different types of organizations to ensure appropriate structure and growth. While the two degrees are fairly similar, accurate accounting and finance degree comparisons can show that they are very separate in their various aspects. The career options you have after each degree will differ, with the course objectives a bit different as well. You have a great deal to learn from both degrees, but you will learn the information on a different level, with similar courses within the curriculum.

Very Similar and Very Different
When you are comparing an accounting vs. finance degree, you will find that there are several differences amongst the several similarities in the two degrees. Accounting generalizes on making decisions based on historical data analysis. Financing focuses more on the money aspect of the company and investments that are and should be made to promote higher financial growth. So all in all, you are pretty much comparing historical figures vs. forecasting measures when comparing accounting and finance.

Why they are so Alike
An accounting and finance degree focuses on how much is coming in and going out of an organization. The specifics detail the differences, but the similarities are based on the general aspects of the two disciplines. Accounting degrees offer classes such as:

  • Income Tax
  • Financial Accounting
  • Contemporary Auditing
  • Estate Planning
  • Basic Bookkeeping

Accounting gears more toward the evaluation of the finances within an organization, asking who, what, where, and why. Finance degree classes can include:

  • Organizational behavior
  • Principles of marketing
  • Operations management
  • Legal environment of business

The main difference with finance degrees is that they will gear more towards appropriate placement and measures to attract money within an organization, with legal regulation and proper management techniques.

Getting an undergraduate degree in accounting or finance means something very different. With an accounting degree, you will have job possibilities in various sectors with a finance degree providing very different career opportunities. Each degree will land you in different levels of the field, with strong emphasis on the financial structure of organizations. Both degrees will contain similar curriculum, with the most difference in the higher and more advanced programs such as Master’s degrees which will specialize on one career or another.

Getting a finance degree or an accounting degree is a decision you have to make based on the appropriate information. If you aren’t careful, you can definitely confuse the two, but knowing how to make a proper comparison of the two degrees will help you in making the best decision possible. Your future depends on the career you choose, with both these degrees offering very different opportunities in your career. Following the career you most want means knowing the real difference between the two degrees in order to get the appropriate preparation for the career that you do choose. 




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