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Stronger Preparation from Accounting MBA Degrees

There are several schools nationwide that offer accounting MBA degrees in order to provide you with the best in options within your career as an accountant. There are many people already in the profession that find a higher education to be the right next move as your options are always going to be limited by your education. How many times have you sought after a position only to here you aren’t accepted as a candidate due to your education? If you want the best in opportunities, an MBA degree can be a great choice.

Where to Get Your MBA
Getting a master’s in accounting can be done at several top notch educational institutions, with various schools offering classes online as well as on the campus. To find the right school, you can do great research online. Different schools will offer various programs from an MBA to an MS accounting degree, both offering from the upper $90,000’s to as much as $150,000 per year or more. The difference between the two is the career path you follow afterwards, with an MS focusing on the scientific roles within the accounting field.

What to Expect with MBA
There is more focused training in the MBA accounting programs, as the master’s degree is going to place you in the top position for employment no matter where you are. There are various classes you should expect to take, more specialized in management with a gear towards tax or audit.

  • Human Behavior in Organizations
  • Tax of Corporations and Shareholders
  • Global Economic Environment

There are many other classes you may expect depending on the actual program you choose with an MS offering several other classes including:

  • Business and Corporation Law
  • Nonprofit and For-Profit Financial Analysis
  • Forensic Analysis of Organizational Finances

The master’s is generally a 65 credit degree that can be obtained between 14 months and 3 years. The only way you can enter a master’s degree program for accounting is with successful completion of the GMAT and a Bachelor’s degree with 5 years of training to become a certified CPA.

There are several different types of accounting, including Master’s of Science in Accounting, Master’s of Finance and Accounting, or even a Master’s of Taxation. There are several others as well, all which can average around $6,000 to $16,000 per semester based on the school you attend. Paying for this degree can be done with several forms of financial aid from scholarships to grants and student loans.

Once you have completed accounting degree programs to obtain an Associate’s and Bachelor’s degree, it is just a wise move to continue the final step to obtain the highest credentials possible. The master’s degree program prepares you for higher responsibility within the field and a great deal more advancement in your career, with management and ownership training as well. You will become a leader in the field and will have the greatest income potential for an accountant, whatever field you follow.

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