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Types of Accounting Careers You May Want to Think About

It is a bit broad to declare you are seeking a career in accounting, as there are several types of accounting careers. With many branches in the field, there are also several different degrees, certifications, and even positions you may hold as an accountant. The most common certification for an accountant is CPA certification, which is very well sought after in the field by both the professionals and the employers. There is also an accounting certificate offered as a technical degree in the field, which is not to be confused with certification which is much different and provides much higher credentials than the certificate. Understanding the difference between the various types of accounting professions can greatly help you in choosing the appropriate education for pursuit of the career you have chosen.

Career Options in Accounting
You can generally pick whatever type of accounting career you want with CPA certification. This shows that you can meet the basic qualifications of an accountant in many different specialties. So just what types of careers in accounting are possible?

  • Auditor
  • Tax accountant
  • General accountant
  • Financial manager
  • Forensic accountant
  • Resource consumption accountant
  • Social accountant

Each of these different paths in the field offer genuine and original experiences in the field of accounting. There are also several other paths to follow including government and product control as well.

Where to Get Career Info in Accounting
There are several sources of accounting career information all which can be used for gauging your future career decisions. Even if you are already an accountant in some specialty or another, you want to know what the others have to offer as you can easily switch to another specialty with appropriate training and certification. Any type of accounting experience is a plus in all these careers, as the accounting aspect is the main element of each.

Adequate Training for Different Accounting Careers
As you learn information about accounting careers you are interested in, you will find that there are several programs that can be used to pursue each. There are several scientific methods utilized in all accounting careers, all which are taught through the various programs. The most common degrees in this field include:

  • Certificate or technical degree
  • Associate degree
  • Bachelor’s degree
  • MBA
  • Masters in Finance
  • Doctorate

There are various programs that pertain to the various careers, which follow the guidelines of the career. Once a bachelor’s degree is obtained, certification is possible, with various types for each career.

There are so many different accounting careers that you may dabble between a few during the course of your entire career. As experience is such a great quality in accountants of all specialties, you have nothing to lose by trying on the various careers until you find that which intrigues you the most. You won’t always know where you want to be in 20 years, but getting a general accountant degree and CPA training will give you the key to each path you wish to follow with additional training on the type you follow.

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