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When you think of an accountant, you usually think of a desk behind which you will sit, with numbers coming across one by one. Although this is on the right track, you just don’t know how many accountant careers there really are. Becoming a forensic accountant can be one of the more intriguing of the different paths, offering one of the highest salaries in the field. There are many different salaries of forensic accountants, mainly dependant on the sector within which you work, and the actual position you take on in the field, as well as the certification you have in forensic accounting.

What is a Forensic Accountant?
A forensic accountant goes past accounting into the science of unearthing information necessary for civil and criminal cases which involve:

  • Auditing data
  • Testifying at trials involving fraud or embezzlement
  • Cases involving insurance claims
  • Financial disputes between corporations and government and public sector entities

The type of work you do will be based on the experience and area of the U.S. you work in, as well as the sector you work in which could be private, public, or government. The median salaries of forensic accountants considering all these factors can range from the lower $40,000’s to the upper $100,000’s with great potential to earn up to $150,000.

Factors of Salary Change
Experience is a big deal in the salary of a forensic accountant; as the more experience you have the better your wages will be. Thos with one to four years in the field can expect a median salary around $56,000, with $64,000 possible for those with five to nine years, and around $100,000 for those with the most experience, typically ten years or more. Another great factor is the area of the country you work in, with different areas offering different salaries including:

  • New York: $68,000
  • Georgia: $60,000
  • California: $68,000
  • Philadelphia: $50,000

The different cities within each state can offer higher salaries that can be much higher than the state’s average.

The sector you work in also has a great baring on the amount you can earn per year, for example, those within accounting and auditing companies or firms can make around $57,000, with the public sector offering around $60,000 and private sector around $80,000. There are various government agencies that also offer employment to forensic accountants, as well as insurance companies which can range around $100,000.

Forensic accountant salaries are affected by several factors with averages that can reach up to the upper $100,000s or more. The education you obtain, certification you hold, type of work you perform, and the places you work definitely have a lot to do with your salary as a forensic accountant, with the gained experience over the years contributing greatly to your future salary potential. Forensic accounting is definitely one of those careers that you want to build a plan for in order to get the salary you wish to earn, whether you take on a large corporation or a small firm.

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