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Accounting careers are flourishing due to greater scrutiny of company finances, financial laws and regulations that are constantly changing, and the increase in the numbers of businesses. Accountants and auditors are needed within any medium to large sized company and even small businesses need at least one employee with bookkeeping skills. In addition, there will be a need for tax specialists as long as the IRS exists.

Accountants and auditors analyze financial information in order to ensure that their employer or client is running the business efficiently. They also make sure that all necessary reports are filed in a timely fashion and that accurate taxes are paid on time. These professionals prepare, analyze, and verify financial documents and sometimes offer financial or investment planning as well as budget analysis.

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Public accountants, also known as external auditors, work with corporate, government, nonprofit, or individual clients.  Depending on their specialty, they may provide auditing, accounting, consulting, or tax services. The career of forensic accountant has recently become popular due to the recent corporate financial scandals. Forensic accountants determine whether a client’s activity is illegal and they use their finance, accounting, legal, and investigative knowledge in order to make this determination.

Private accounts go by many names including managerial, cost, and corporate accountants. They document and analyze financial information regarding the companies for which they work. Private accountants may also be responsible for budgeting, evaluation of company performance, and cost or asset management. Government accountants and auditors are employed in the public sector and internal auditors check for internal controls, waste, mismanagement, and fraud within their organization.

Accounting careers in the public and private sector are growing rapidly and most of these jobs require a minimum of a bachelor’s degree. Accounting jobs that require a CPA designation or other certification are experiencing the most growth. A career in accounting can be quite rewarding because the job is focused on helping the company or client be successful.





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The average salary for accountants is about $54,000. Learn more about the salary of an accountant.

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